By devising and developing something new, you can create an innovation that will open the doors to the retail. I myself believe tremendously in the power of giving something to the customer. By developing a unique tool for consumers you could increase the consumption of your product. Cre8tives will be happy to help you devise innovative gadgets.


The best and most affordable way to become a real business partner for your customer is by involving him in your development process. You can do this by showing him different concepts and ideas.

Developing new ideas can be quite expensive. By involving your customer in the development process not only will you reduce unneeded costs but you will also become an important partner to your customer. The customer feels appreciated and your ideas will become their ideas, which will make them put in in more time and effort to guarantee a successful launch. In Short, a win-win situation.

Grapes Carrybag

This convienant carry pack is designed as plastic free alternative for your grapes. A handle has been added in the design to make the packaging easy to use and a responsible alternative..

Fresh Tea Bag

Make your own fresh tea in a natural way. Very healthy and also very tasty.

CItrus Juice Indication

Consumers who buy a net of oranges are not interested in the number of kg. This concept shows the consumer the number of ML that they can squeeze out of the product.

Promo Carton

In a future without packaging we will have to find other ways of communicating. This Box has a compartment for inserting various forms of communication.

More interesting examples of already developed innovations and concepts can be found here.